Royal Bliss

> A moment of love for yourself.

Indulging in a profound moment of self-love with Royal Bliss.

The Royal Bliss Island. Where fun and self-care melt together. Where you can relax and find inspiration. Where you can enjoy a drink while engaging in a good conversation. Where you can daydream and philosophize. The island where Royal Bliss comes to life in color.

Create a high-end and fresh chill-out area on the water pontoon near Alpha, where people can enjoy their drinks. Bring the brand to life through a low-key and engaging activation, preferably focusing on the realm of self-care. 

We created an abstract island where self-care is central. Throughout the entire island, you will find small self-love moments incorporated. Hanging from the plexiglass panels were black markers where visitors can share their own self-love messages or drawings. The island starts as a blank canvas but ends up as a work of art filled with love by the visitors. There was also a selfcare host, who would write inspirational quotes for people.

> Projects.

A selection of our projects.