Fuze Tea

> Serve yourself a little me time.

Fuze Tea introduction campaign that resulted in the best new product launch. Go and have a little me-time already!

Chase is involved in this multi-year plan. We created a festival concept with multiple experiences, aiming to generate brand awareness and brand experience. In this concept, we made sure to include me-time for the visitors, a focus on music and a focus on recycling & sustainability.

We created a digital sampling campaign to increase household penetration, by online advertisements on Spotify and Snapchat. The targeted audience could win Fuze Tea for their entire street, a perfect me-time gateaway or a recycled bamboo SUP to experience a real Fuze Tea me-time- moment.

Fuze Tea has been rated as the best new product launch of 2018. Coca-Cola received the Wheel of Retail in the Soft Drinks category and the Special Wheel Consumer Award.

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