> Getting Honest listed.

Albert Heijn is key to build the organic drinks category, led by Honest. The AH leadership is not yet convinced to prioritize Honest in the business plan to drive category value. That’s where we come in.

We need people to experience the products of Honest and we want to teach them about our products being organic. Thats why we build a vertical garden where you can find different plants. The full on Honest Organic Garden. Everything you find in our garden is organic. We just want to make sure that everything we put in our products is good for your body.

Now try some of our range and let us know what you think whilst enjoying the healthy and refreshing environment you are in.


Develop a disruptive way to convince Albert Heijn key decision-makers to integrate the organic drinks category, led by Honest, in the long-range customer business plan before the process kicks off.

Let’s be honest: we all want the best for our bodies, right? Okay, so let us tell you the honest truth about the product.

All products scored at least 7/10. The average intention to buy Honest was 59,6%. People preferred chocolate, but who doesn’t? 73% would buy.

Within 8 days 764 Honest drinks were sold of which 232 coffee drinks. So we think there is an Honest conclusion to be made. Albert Heijn and Honest should team up to spread the love for organic drinks.

> Projects.

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