Coca-Cola Energy

> Creating Energy at Utrecht Station

How to get young adults to (re-)purchase Coca-Cola Energy when they’re transitioning into the second part of their day?

Even though product visibility is a high priority within our concepts, we believe the purpose of  this pop-up is to deepen the level of storytelling with the brand and drive a longer-term connection. And therefore repeat purchase.

That’s why we’ve developed a single idea that can execute across multiple touchpoints over a longer period of time.

Instead of manifesting an energy as a force you can see and touch, we show energy as the connection between real people and how that connection becomes contagious.




It’s 5PM
The day of have-to’s.
Are now have-done’s.
And now it’s time to switch.
From work to play.

If you can’t go positive – why go at all?
It’s not just energy you need.
It’s more, a feeling, a vibe. Something contagious.

When you enter positive.
Everyone sees it.
Feels it. Makes it their own.
You spread your positive energy.
And take yourself,
and everyone else from work to play.



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