> An experience beyond words.

A brand activation is more than handing out a sample. Klene challenged us to redefine a sampling activation and create an interactive experience.

Think of a creative experience activation for the new Woordzoekers. This is a near store sampling campaign that consists of the following components: product sampling and a 1 + 1 offer. Buy a bag of Klene Wordzoekers and receive one for free from the Klene sampling team. Because we know, tasting = buying.

We created a highly qualitative sampling setting in combination with a gamestage to interact with with the audience. The showmaster invited people over to come play the game ‘Woordzoekers Battle’.
Do you have what it takes to find all the words and win your prize?

While exceeding target by over 11%, we reached over 90.000 people in just 21 days.
Not only did they receive the product, we also asked them to fill in a survey. Klene received valuable insights about flavour perception and customer preferences.

> Projects.

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